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Welcome to Paramour Industries

We believe that energized marketing and lead generation solutions should be easily available, which is why we offer these services to a number of different industries. Our direct promotional method out-performs traditional solutions time and time again, and we work with clients to ensure that they get promotional campaigns that delivers maximum results.

Our Mission

Our mission at Paramour Industries is to give our clients the chance to reach as many potential new customers as possible. We aim to give products the best opportunity when emerging on the market, and to help established products extend their reach and become well known. Our team is constantly evolving and growing to provide quality sales, lead generation and marketing solutions.

How We Benefit Our Clients

We use strategically placed campaign areas in places of high footfall, thanks to our network of retail partners.

Let Paramour Industries Make a Difference for You

At Paramour Industries, we create unique campaigns for all of our clients, and operate in areas of high footfall.

How We Benefit Consumers

Consumers enjoy introductory prices that may otherwise not be available, and even get the chance to experience products before they buy them.

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